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#OCLBthemovie is a pro-educator, cautionary tale about high stakes testing and the perils of disadvantaged and underfunded schools.  The film examines this all too familiar crisis by doing a deep dive into the APS Cheating Scandal which indicted, convicted and jailed a group of Atlanta educators for upwards of 30 years.  Ultimately, cheating is wrong, but it can and will prevail in classrooms throughout the US, while teachers are forced to “teach-to-test” in order to meet rigorous testing requirements set forth by the Department of Education.  Delve deep into the “why” and “how” the justice system criminalized educators, in a fair and balanced film that tells both sides of the story.  Could your school, administrators or teachers be susceptible to the same treatment?

Cast Members Dr. Dana Evans and LaDawn Jones


Organizations that host screenings of #OCLBthemovie include teacher’s unions, grassroots parent groups, teachers and educators, colleges and universities, public librarians, policy organizations, civic and political groups, student groups and religious organizations.  Essentially, anybody who cares about public education.


Documentaries are a powerful, proven tool for educating and engaging communities which moves viewers beyond education & information, and towards meaningful action. Host at a school, church or home, on a university campus or town library, as part of a conference or workshop, as a kickoff for ongoing community dialogue or in ANY setting that works for you and your audience.


We provide you with a screening toolkit that includes:

  • A rental of the film in DVD or Blu-Ray format
  • A screening tipsheet and resources to host a successful event
  • Easily customizable flyers, e-posters and e-postcards to help promote your event
  • Suggested Social media posts and images to share with your community
  • A press release and kit to draw attention to local media and bloggers
  • A discussion guide for a post screening Q&A session and more information about the issues
  • Option for a post-screening Q&A with producers and cast of #OCLBthemovie

For information on hosting a screening fill out the contact form or contact us at and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Q&A featuring Director Jodi Gomes, Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta


To date, #OCLBthemovie has screened over 25 times in 8 states — including film festivals where it has won Audience and Jury Awards for Best Documentary.

Here’s what some hosts and audience participants have to say:

We had to add extra seating to accommodate the demand at our library screening.  The outreach was easy when we mentioned it to educators in our community.” ~ Andrea Mitchell, PTA member, Atlanta ,GA

The film was emotional and you could audibly hear people in the audience gasping in dismay over the case.  It’s an invaluable tool to understand how test cheating can and will happen in your local school“.  ~ Brooke Abbott, Public School Parent in Los Angeles, CA

People in the community, people who care about public schools, filled our local school auditorium. The Producers of the film made it easy to screen and explain at a post-screening Q&A.” ~ Lori Gastreau, Special Education Teacher, Washington DC

This screening was explosive but empowering experience. The documentary is a strong tool to inform the public about high stakes testing and all that we as educators go through to achieve high results!” — John Laughlin, Educator and Member of American Federation of Teachers

The former Mayor of Atlanta was on the Q&A panel for the screening I attended in my hometown.  That shows the magnitude of the topic of high stakes testing…”  Mary-Beth Lloyd, Retired Educator, Boston, MA