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OCLB Official PREVIEW from jodigomes on Vimeo.

The US Education debate takes a front seat in this harrowing documentary, One Child Left Behind: The Untold Atlanta Cheating Scandal. In 2009, the Atlanta Public Schools teachers and principals were accused of cheating on state-administered standardized tests. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution broke the story when they published an analyses of the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) results that demonstrated statistically questionable scores, which launched an investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Ultimately in 2011, they found out that 44 of 56 schools had cheated and then threw the book at teachers and the administration, indicting 35 people, charging them with racketeering.

Was the controversial legislation, No Child Left Behind to blame for such widespread cheating in Atlanta public schools? Or did politics, race and greed for 50 million federal dollars fuel the fire? Discover the real story with exclusive interviews from the convicted, whistleblowers, accused, cheaters, prosecution, DA, defense attorneys and most importantly, the students left behind.

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